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Three articles in Jewish Home this week

Three articles in Jewish Home this week: about a boys’ acrobatics program at a local school, about the first graduation at the local yeshiva for adults (my husband took the pictures — he learns there, but hasn’t graduated yet), and about Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum’s visit to LA (it’s on page 6 here).

Coming soon, IY”H: a new project I’m working on, including a new website.

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

Two articles in Jewish Home this week and upcoming web site

We had some amazing people visiting Los Angeles in the past couple of weeks. I wrote about two of the inspiring events: Rabbi Shalom Arush’ talk at Nessah Synagogue and Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau’s visit to Beth Jacob Congregation.

Anyone interested in reading Jewish e-books? I’d like to put together a site, or a page on this one, that links to Amazon kindle pages for e-books written by frum authors. I’m always looking for those, especially when traveling, and would love to have them all in one place. Any suggestions for what to name the site? I’m thinking it would only list books that are halachically and hashkafically appropriate, but I don’t want to limit the audience to frum readers only. Non-frum Jews might like the books also. So how do I let the frum crowd know that the books are appropriate for them without scaring away the non-frum Jews, in the space of a few words? All suggestions would be much appreciated! And if I choose yours you can get a free e-book, IY”H, once the site is set up.

Have a wonderful Shabbos, and happy Purim!

Article in Jewish Press and other updates

I interviewed Sorele Brownstein, author of The Guilded Cage, a novel about Queen Esther. The article is in the magazine section of Jewish Press, on page 9. You can also read it in the online edition, page 115, here.

Another project in the works is an anthology of short stories by different authors on the subject of ahavas yisrael. If anyone is interested in contributing a story please be in touch with me.

Good Shabbos and chodesh tov!

Two articles in Jewish Home this week

Here and here are two articles in Jewish Home LA this week.

I’m still revising my novel, trying to find time for it, while my kids are getting excited about Purim and Pesach. I guess I’m also excited about Pesach — I already have some new books sitting in a box on top of the booksheves waiting till the house is chametz-free. Any excuse to get new books works in my house :). Now, the cleaning is a different question… It’s on my list of things to do. A long list.

Good Shabbos everyone!