Monthly Archives: July 2016

Story in this week’s Inyan and other updates

Hi everyone!

Hope you had an easy and meaningful fast. It was a little lively here, with the heat outside too much to handle without a drink, and with certain kids getting bored enough to wash the bathtub. Of course, getting themselves and everything around them not only wet, but covered in piles of soap bubbles.

I’ve been thinking that with the Three Weeks, with all the sadness and sorrow, comes hope. Once something is destroyed completely there is a possibility for rebuilding. Somewhere in between the soap bubbles, the children and I learned about the Beis Hamikdash and looked at pictures and diagrams. Our collective hearts and souls are longing to be back in the special place where the Divine Presence rests, where Heaven touches earth. Feeling this longing is what the Three Weeks are all about.

Speaking of rebuilding, my story, Rebuilding the Wall, will be published in this week’s Hamodia’s Inyan Magazine, IY”H. I actually wrote it last summer, but it’s just as appropriate for this time of the year.

My book is, B”H, coming along. Officially named Swords and Shields, it should be out before Chanuka, IY”H.

Another project I’ve been working on, especially useful when traveling, is a list of Jewish books available on kindle. Here it is:

Have a wonderful week!