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Two articles in Jewish Home this week

This article about shaatnez testing was fascinating to research. I learned a lot. This article is about a campaign to save a life of a young father in our community who needs a bone marrow transplant. May he have a refuah sheleima!

Have a wonderful Shabbos, and a healthy and sweet year!

Historical fiction/Beis Hamikdash story in Tachlis Magazine

This is a rare treat. My Beis Hamikdash stories in Hamodia are not available online, and I am not allowed to put them up online until a year after publication. Tachlis Magazine, on the other hand, is online and free, so you can read my story, Reaching the Heights, immediately (on page 78). This is the first time it’s being published. Hope you enjoy it and find it inspiring!

Our souls’ mission

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived with her mother at the edge of the forest. Her grandmother lived on the other side of the forest. One day, the mother said to the little girl, “I am sending you on a very important mission. Grandma needs this basket. You’ll have to go through the forest to deliver it. Please be careful, and don’t get distracted by other things in the forest.”

The girl reassured her mother that she would deliver the basket to Grandma safely. She set out on her way, walking deeper and deeper into the forest. She tried to focus on her goal, but many things came up on the way. A squirrel invited her to play a game, convincing her that no one in their right mind could possibly come through the forest without playing this amazing game. A deer dared her to race him, explaining to her that it was terribly important. When the girl put her basket down — only for a moment, a chipmunk stole it, and the girl had to chase him to get it back.

Will the girl get to Grandma’s house before Grandma is swallowed by the big bad wolf?

This is the journey of our soul as it comes down to this world, entrusted with a special mission. The soul is committed to reach its destination, but many distractions come along the way. On an average day, do we even remember that we are in this world on a mission? Or do we get pulled into everything else going on in our lives?

It’s almost Rosh Hashana, time to reevaluate our priorities and refocus on our goals. Will we renew the commitment that our souls made before they came down to the world?

Two articles in Jewish Home this week and upcoming Sukkos story

Here and here are two articles in Jewish Home about the amazing work of the local Hatzolah.

Heads up — my story, Our Light Will Shine, will be in Hamodia’s Sukkos story supplement, IY”H.

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

Article in Jewish Home and Elul/Tishrei book list

My article about a local semicha program whose students can now earn a Bachelor’s degree is in Jewish Home this week.

Also, the updated Elul/Tishrei book list, which includes books not in the Torah through Literature e-book, is now available here. Hope you find it helpful!

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

Two articles in Jewish Home this week

This article is about helping the mentally ill in our community — an important and often neglected topic. I also wrote a short article about the upcoming Hatzolah event, on page 5 of the current issue of Jewish Home LA.

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

Article in Jewish Press this week

My article about Rabbi Eidlitz’ work at KosherQuest┬áis on page 87 of the e-edition of Jewish Press this week.

Second proof of my book, Swords and Scrolls, looks great! The Jewish Children’s Book Club website is under construction. IY”H will let you know when it’s up and running and you can start ordering!

Good Shabbos!